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Alain Letailleur is the reference in the field of the painting of the shool of Barbizon and the Norman painters of the XIXth and XXth centuries, for instance the school of Rouen.

Since his childhood, Alain Letailleur always lived in the atmosphere of these schools. With an alaready well exercised eye, he attended an additional training course in the ICART (First school of the business of art and the cultural action in Europe ) the diirector of wich, Mr Denis Huisman, knew how to pass on to him the fundamental understanding and improve his taste and his expertise on the subject. His knowledge was put into practice by collaborating with famous antique dealers.

Along his experience, Alain Letailleur tried to discover painters of the Schools of Barbizon and Rouen, as talented as recognized painters, and to make them known at the international level.

That way he discovered Robert Pinchon, at first through the collection François Depeaux at the municipal museum of Rouen, but also by analyzing the personality of the artist to better undersatnd his work. Then he became the officila expert of the painter and the holder of his copyright.

Thus, Alain Letailleur shares his researches and his analyses, underlining that the painters of the School of Rouen had human ang high intellectual qualities, and also by participating in the elaboration of Catalogue Reasonn by Norman artists, in particular that of Robert Pinchon.

It is in his cosy office of expertise, located in the heart of the Quartier Drouot, that he discovers and offers to the public these talented painters thriving from these schools.


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