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The reference in paintings of Normandy of the XIXth & XXth century

The galerie Amalthée is the reference in paintings from Normandy
of the XIXth and XXth centuries, from the school of barbizon or of Rouen. Directed by Alain Letailleur and his wife Anne-Marie, their whishes are to promove creations of painters as Robert Pinchon (which one as found an expert in A. Letailleur), Maurice Louvrier, Joseph Delattre… whom, as the wellknowed predecessors
Renoir, Monet or Sysley, are gaged to be knowned.


Office of expertise, paintings
  Inventories, estimations, expertises, constitutions of
inheritance , editions of "catalogue raisonné"
  Artists Painters of Gallery Amalthée  
  Eugène boudin, Félix buhot, Adolphe Félix Cals, Robert Pinchon, Charles Mozin,
Joseph Delattre, Lucien Goubert, Charles Frechon, Georges Stein...
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