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The school of barbizon

Real precursors of the impressionists, the painters of the Barbizon’s school fond of the open air and independence, put themselves off the official academicism, following the Dutch end the English landscape-painters (in honor since 1824). The genesis and the evolution of the Barbizon’s movement, settled at the edge of thje Fontainebleau forest, are those of the 19 th century Franch landscape in which can be gloomy as Paul Huet or using impasto of sparkling colors like Félix Ziem, to a realism which glorifies rural France and the work of the earth as Jean-François Millet.

That is why the school of Barbizon, founded by Théodore Rousseau in 1836, is blooming into a naturalist school referring to landscapes, to light, to atmospheric elements.

This French school makes us discover a generation of landscape-painters such as leaders as Courbet, Rousseau, Corot masters as Diaz de la Pena, the Dupré brothers, followers as trouillebert, Lavieille, Flers, Huet, Troyon but also many others isolated and already unknown.

This myriad of artists, often left aside, re-appears on the scene thanks to exhibitions organized by galleries and museums.

This pictoral wealth of the 19 th century is in constant change and it is the reason why Alain Leatilleur has become since a long time its leading expert.

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