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The school of Rouen, Norman paintings

The school of Rouen, born in the 1860’s, includes three generations of artists whose common denominator is : the river Seine and lights changes which have inspired Monet, Pissarro and Sysley. Dimmed in the mist or sparkling with pearly light, their palette follows the seasons, offering all the range of hues that can take on the sky and the river.

The atmosphere in which are going to bloom the young rouennais painters does not result only from the particular weather situation of the valley of the Seine, but also from the influence of these impressionistic painters, in Rouen and about. From 1872, Pissarro exhibits in a gallery of the city, whereas in 1883, Monet settles down to Giverny, and Sysley makes frequent journeys to Rouen.

These young painters, breaking from the official academicism, took an important part in the evolution of artistic movements. It is with ardour and determination that they fought against the conformity of the taste and contributed by this fact to the liberalization of art. Thezy left us landscapes of a surprising beauty and still lives or portrait of an extraordinary vitality. They testify of very diverse trends: pointillism, fauvism, cubism, but the research remains always individual and personal.

Then appear Couchaux the painter of the earth, Dunet the melancholic, Fréchon the impressionist, Guilbert the landscape-painter Le Trividic the intimist painter, Louvrier the musician of the atmosphere and Pinchon the colourist.

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